Love & Religion

The Debut

Making waves on the Jewish scene with refreshing alternative music

Transcending the boundaries of the Jewish alternative music scene, Mendel Goldmans’s debut album ‘Love & Religion’ is a soul-stirring collection of songs that resonate with raw authenticity and introspection. Released in 2022, the album weaves together poignant narratives from Goldman’s personal journey, capturing the essence of his experiences as a teenager, his cherished memories from childhood, and the profound lessons learned along the way. Goldman’s lyrics, delivered with a unique blend of vulnerability and humor, unveil a tapestry of emotions, while his haunting melodies and dynamic arrangements create a sonic landscape that transcends genres. ‘Love & Religion’ is an audacious testament to the power of music as a vessel for self-discovery, providing a cathartic and transformative listening experience that lingers in the hearts of listeners long after the last chord fades.

Love & Religion

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    Gold 52 productions

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Love & Religion

By Mendel Goldman
12 Songs - 43 minutes